the beehives.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I love everything about a beehive: the rustic look, the heavenly smell, the constant buzzing of bees... And I love that I haven't been stung - yet. That's right friend, I'm officially a beekeeper. The decision to keep bees was easy; my grandma had bees on the farm years ago and the blueberry field needs bees, so we thought it'd be the perfect first project.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? Okay, maybe you have, but you have to admit these are pretty cool. They're fabulous in the most tacky way, perched just at the edge of the woods.

And you should smell these babies! If you haven't gotten to "take in" a beehive, you should make that a priority. Get your sniffer in there and really get in their bees-ness. Only then will you be able to smell the most amazing, sweetest, best thing in the world... All of that wax and honey and pollen mixing together, creating what has to be the perfume of angels.

And this angelic fragrance reminds me of none other than my grandma. She was a sweet soul, a gentle speaker, a farmer, a master beekeeper...and about a million other things I could only hope to be. I have memories of her in the basement separating the honey from the wax. Memories of those little bear jars full of that sweet nectar.

And memories of the smell...Oh me, oh my. I could go on forever about that smell...

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