food hippies.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I love food and I love to cook. And, ya'll! I make some mean fried chicken, killed (kilt? kild?) lettuce and pinto beans. Sometimes I make homemade french fries. Or sushi. Or filet mignon. Yep, sometimes we eat like kings. Then, sometimes we three day old leftovers. We go with the flow, man. 

But the flow has been shifting. You see, before my little lady came along, the hubs and I were practically food snobs. Connoisseurs, as I like to say. We were the kind of folks who planned entire vacations around places to eat. We had roadtrips to have snazzy dinners. Or spent hours driving around just to find our next meal. The time between meals was like empty space. The food was the meat of the day, if you will. The rest was, well, gravy. 

Then, along came a baby. 

She flipped our world upside down. Or right-side up. Either way, she rocked it. And with her came a new way of thinking for us. Not that we thought "wrong" before; it was more that we didn't think at all. Not about the true quality of food - organic or not, local or from Timbuktu, pasture-raised or feed-lot grown. You get the picture...

So we started looking into and adopting a more traditional approach to food... Great-granny style, if you will.    

I do want to say that we are not perfect rule followers. In fact, I've learned not to set crazy boundaries because I will not obey them. See, I'm a rebel at heart. Against myself, at least...

What I'm trying to say is we don't always eat at home. Or food made by my hands. But, for the most part, we eat pretty clean, organic diets. Not "diet" as in a low-fat, sugar free, count-your-calories diet. What we eat is local, organic, and as nature intended. 

And now for the crazy part... We eat lard. And butter. And full fat, raw milk. The good stuff from a local farmer with inches of cream at the top of the gallon. The stuff dreams are made of. And boy is it gooood. If you haven't tried farm fresh milk, add that to your bucket list. It's a creamy, rich, fabulousness that no grocery store can offer. 

We also do crazy things like brew Kombucha and make yogurt and ferment foods... 

And we eat local eggs fried in lard with toast and freshly juiced apples nearly every morning. 

I know...we're weird. And I'm okay with that. In fact, I hope to become more so with time. It's gotten us to a fantastic farm with a whole new outlook on life. Every day, we are more and more excited that *this* is our journey. Our adventure. Our lives.