Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I don't know that I've been more excited to see what a year holds than I am for 2019.

So many projects, visions, and dreams for this place we can now call home.

I can honestly say that the past three-ish years have been the most pure form of craziness for our family. They've been full of excitement, frustration, sleepless nights (the good kind and the bad kind), grace, fumbling, learning, growing...

Not to mention we've moved 3.5 times. In three years. (Yes, and a half.)

Uh huh, it sure did age me 10 years. And, no, I do not ever plan to do that again.


Turns out building a house is very much like sky-diving. In a storm. With holes in your parachute. Oh, and with no pilot.

In the voice of Tom Petty (or John Mayer, if that's your thing)
And I'm freeeeee, free fallin'
Yeah, I'm freeeee, free fallin' 

Sounds fun, no?

Let's just say that I'm so happy to be here, now. No way in this world would I want to do that again.

Never, thank you.

Since, however, we're on *this* side of the whole thing, I'm gonna stay there and not bore you with all of the loooong, drawn-out details. Just trust me - it was a thing. A mighty whirlwind of a thing.

Oh, and not only did we move a zillion times and build a house, we also built a baby. The most precious baby, if I do say so myself. I mean, c'mon...

He's so sweet and cuddly, I can hardly handle it. Between his shy little duck as he nuzzles into my neck when he meets a new friend, to those fantastic lips. Ugh. He's just perfection.

And as for our now six year old little lady? Well, she's just as smart and sassy as ever. (Some days a little stronger on the sassy, for sure...) Not to mention, the lovey-est (most lovey?) big sister a baby brother could ever want.

These two spend their days playing, exploring, trying to truly give their momma a heart attack...

But the love there is sooo big. And somehow growing more and more everyday.

The whole sibling thing is not what I thought it may be (or maybe what I was afraid it may be). There's no obvious jealousy or malice. Just a beautiful relationship that seems to be all marshmallows and butterflies. She protects him and he gives her this "I couldn't love you more" gaze. It's too much and about makes me teary just thinking about it.

See what I mean??

While I want them to stay little (most days, anyway), I also can't wait for each stage - each phase - and what comes with it. So far, my favorite thing about having two is when they see each other for the first time that day. She greets him by scrunching her nose and slowly tip-toeing to his crib and he gives his "good mornings" by squealing in delight. See - big love. They cannot wait to be together. Every. Day.

And we've already had our share of adventures with these two: taking walks, cooking, cleaning (yes, that counts as an adventure most days...), chopping wood, making forts, going to plays, reading books, milking cows...

Tiny Baby R was cozy while I milked. The coolest experience EVER.

Plus, I try to get in all the cuddlin' I can possibly get while he (kinda) enjoys it...

Now that we're here and two kiddos in, my mind is always a bit foggy and my body a bit tired, but my heart is so full. I don't know that I've been happier and cannot wait to see how life unfolds. And with a little more time to breathe and stretch our wings, I cannot wait to share with you the journey ahead... 

Here's to being settled! :)