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Monday, September 15, 2014

This weekend was spent with my grandpa, or GrandPaul, as I like to call him (and as I write that, I wonder if he knows I have called him GrandPaul since I was little). We spent Saturday at the Farmer's Market and Sunday at a workshop. He had called last week to discuss the future of the nursery that resides on the farm. It's a nursery that contains over 1,000 plants and needs lots of care and time and energy and patience. And an amazing amount of know-how, something that comes so easily to my soil-scientist-PhD GrandPaul. He's a wealth of knowledge and I only wish I could absorb it all. And fast. Because...

My husband and I are buying the nursery in two weeks. (Two as in 2. Weeks. 15 days. *Gulp*)

But, am I panicking? Well, yeah. But only for a minute. Because soon, I'll know it all... or at least know that *he* knows it all and I do have his phone number... ;)

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