moving on and just plain moving.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

In life, we have to take the good with the bad. Today, I'm going to catch you up with what's been going on - both good and bad.

Let's just go ahead and get the awful, horrible, never good for nobody stuff over.
(I'm taking a big ol' deep breath now while I try to gather my thoughts and see through the tears...)

My husband's momma and my (sweet, smart, wonderfully witty, amazingly talented...) mother-in-law passed away. One day she was here with us and the next, she wasn't. And what a hole in our lives there is now. Whew, if only I could explain the shift that took place when she left this earth. I'd like to say now that I don't want to linger with this awfulness. I'll keep it short because I have good things to tell you about and that's what she'd want to read about. Doesn't mean the the sadness isn't crushing or that our hearts aren't broken, but we have to move on. So I'll keep all of those precious memories in my back pocket, and carry them with me daily. That way she never really feels completely gone.

Onward and upward. Thank goodness the sad stuff's over.

On to the good stuff...

One fun thing on the farm is we had our first event! Even though it wasn't anything more than having some friends (both old and new) over and watching a movie outside (via projector and on a huge screen!), it was perfect. The kiddos played with the chickens and climbed around on hay bales. It was simple and sweet - just what we were hoping for.

Another thing - the chickens! The chickens are growing and even starting to lay eggs.

Ah, who am I kidding?!

Let me rephrase that - the chickens are growing and even starting to lay egg.

Here is our first egg from our one and only layer. Hot diggity!

Yep, those lazy, good for nuthin' feathery chumps are able to live like queens and they still don't care enough to lay us an egg every now and then.

 (I know one day I'll be flooded with farm fresh eggs and I'll look back at this time as the calm before the storm, but today I'm tired and grumpy and want some durn eggs.)

Meet Veronica, the queen of the coop.

As we become more and more familiar with our goals and dreams for Greenbriar Farm, my list of things I'm so looking forward to beginning has been growing and growing. From the outdoor movie to a garden to selling eggs (haha!) to getting a couple pigs, it's a little outta control. Which, I should say, is what I seem to always gravitate toward.

I like the thrill.

I've never been the jump out of a plane kind of thrill-seeker. Or even the smash a soda can with my bare hands girl...I'm more in line with the a how many chickens can I get before I'm officially known as a chicken lady or the can I possibly sneak into this beehive without getting all suited up kinda thrill-seeker.

You know - living on the edge. And it is a thrill. But more on granny-speed side of things.

So, as I catch myself gearing up for far too many things that I simply know nothing about, but are too eager to wait for, the excitement is growing. And I just keep reminding myself of how I always seem to get myself in much too deep with big plans and more research than I have time for...

And speaking of being in far over our heads already...we are about to embark on the second craziest journey of our lives. No, I'm not talking about another baby. Law knows that's a recipe for sinking this barely-floating ship.

What I'm trying to say is that we are finally going to build a house! It's something we've talked about for years, but the time's now. As in, we have until the end-ish of June to be moved in. Yep, moved in. The home we're renting is needed when our lease is up.

"Oh, you have eight months. You'll be fine!" you say.

And I say to you, "To have plans drawn? Pick a contractor? Choose everything down to the colors and sizes of the hinges? Then to move in?"

"Yes. I'm sure it'll all work out," you say again.

And to the waiter (because, as it turns out, we're obviously sitting at a bar and you've obviously been drinking a little...) I say, "I'd like to have what they're drinking!"

*Fast forward a couple of minutes and I've chugged that Koolaid you've been drinking.*

Now I need to tell you how mush I app-rish-iate your posisive words...

(I should admit here that I'm only kidding, as I don't drink. But you seem to have been and I need that kind of optimism in my life right now. ;))

I also need to say that I kinda have this feeling way deep down in my gut that we won't be able to finish the house on time and we'll have to move in a hotel for a few weeks. Or even worse - in my parent's house.

And that don't sound too purty.

But until I know if that's for sure in the cards for us, I'll listen to you and your Koolaid drinkin' self and have hope that we can pull this all off.

Lookout, farm! Here weeee coooooommmee!!