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Thursday, April 14, 2016

I've been thinking about writing for a while. Ideas will pop in my head and I'll mull them over, then toss 'em to the side because I'm sure no one wants to read about that.

But that's all changing.

I realized that I love to write. And, though it's always fun when people read what I have to say, that's not what it's all about for me.

I want to write to remember; remember what something felt like, smelled like, sounded like. I love to recall the big stuff, but it's the little stuff that really deserves the savoring, right?

The stuff like worms. And how they are collected and saved from a chicken's belly. (And those hands...I need to remember those sweet hands...)

A cat that loves to cuddle and ride with P in her carseat.

And J finding a zillion tiny springs and making a little creek.

Or our first fairy egg. It was the size of a quarter, perfectly round, and contained only the white.

The first little beauty that comes from planting (literally) hundreds of flower bulbs.

Or the princess gracing us with her presence. (And making a royal mess of the house. Every. Day.)

And let's not forget about breakfast. And how this heart was eagerly noticed and claimed by a three year old.

See? Those things may not add up to much of anything, but for this momma, those are things that make me remember to stop and smell the crocuses.

And since we're on an adventure here, let's talk about all of those things - both big and small. Because after all, everything doesn't need to be grandiose...that's life. And I like it that'a way.

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